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NEMO Kunai 2 Double-wall construction, all season tent, DAC pole clips for fast and easy setup, aggressive brow pole and reinforced seams to help protect from extreme conditions. $499.95 10272220 Hilleberg Nammatj 3 GT Tent Best choice for any condition where low weight is of equal importance to strength, reliability, and roominess. $979.00 10101473 The Nap Garden Who doesn't like a nice nap? That's the question we ask at orientation and if anybody raises their hand we make them work in accounting. For everyone else, we have the lovely Nap Garden. What started out as a peaceful place to get some work done, quickly turned into a peaceful place to get some sleep done. Decorated with hammocks, pillows and tents, it's a calm and welcoming area. In fact, I've had some of my least terrifying nightmares there. MOOSEJAW INSIDE LOOK Naps are like practice sleeping. Gotta get some training in, cause tonight I go live. WINTER 2017 MOOSEJAW.COM 87

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