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WINTER 2017 MOOSEJAW.COM 43 Burton Jet Set Jacket Fly through any weather in this lightly insulated and timeless style with a flattering, street-style slim fit. $199.95 10327750 POC Auric Cut Helmet A solid ABS shell that's designed for free skiing, on- or off-piste. $179.95 10323410 Moosejaw VR Cardboard Free with any purchase. Use Code: GOGGLES WINTER 2017 MOOSEJAW.COM 43 T E M P E R A T U R E C U R E N T R O M 30 VERY CHILL F Virtual Reality Test Room This is probably the most high-tech room at Moosejaw HQ. That's kind of sad because the only thing the room contains is a VR headset atop a wobbly pedestal. That being said, it's the room where all of your wildest dreams come true. Our testers strap on the headset and become immersed in a digital 3D world. Skiing, kayaking, trail running, bear-riding, knitting... we try it all. Note: those last two are still in development; our testers keep showing signs of mauling or extreme boredom. MOOSEJAW INSIDE LOOK

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