Winter 2017 Page 4 Moosejaw Outerwear and Clothing

4 MOOSEJAW.COM 1.877.666.7352 For more colors and features, go to It's packed full of that stuff. Moosejaw Test Lab Here at Moosejaw, we put all of our outerwear through a rigorous Test Lab process to ensure that only the finest, highest quality products reach our customers. Water balloon fights test waterproofing. Disco dancing evaluates stretch and mobility. A swarm of bees accidentally got into the lab, but luckily that also helped check the subject's mobility. Judging by the horrible, horrible screams currently emanating from the Test Lab, I'd say our new Rain Vest needs to go back to the drawing board. MOOSEJAW INSIDE LOOK T E M P E R A T U R E C U R E N T R O M 15 SUPES COLD F

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