Winter 2017 Page 38 Women's Casual

38 MOOSEJAW.COM 1.877.666.7352 Woolrich Pemberton Fleece Lined Flannel Shirt Jac One of the first plaid shirts to hit American soil. "Yeehaw." -an American. $98.95 10296361 Free People Virgo Legging Virgos have always been the feistiest of the signs. $78.00 10329355 Prana Trinity Cord Pant Wear these on date 2. You can play with the cords when you're bored out of your mind. $84.95 10285991 T E M P E R A T U R E C U R E N T R O M COOL 65F IT'S ALWAYS BEER O'CLOCK The Beer Team Beer is a big part of our lives here at Moosejaw. We drink it, talk about it, pass it out, drink it, brush our teeth with it, make it and of course, drink it. So it only makes sense that we have a team in charge of filling the needs of our hop-obsessed culture. I'm almost positive HR has no problem with this, but just to be safe, we drink out of red Solo cups and talk loudly about how fresh the juice is today. MOOSEJAW INSIDE LOOK Be sure to to check out our shop events for free beer. Sometimes, there's even wine if you're feeling fancy, or just really into yoga. 38 MOOSEJAW.COM 1.877.666.7352 How the hell do you throw away a trash can?

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