Winter 2017 Page 20 Women's Active

1 2 1 L ightweight S ynthetic ACTIVE WOMEN'S ACTIVE COMING SOON! Social Command Center Ever since our social guru extraordinaire Lola saw a Sarah McLachlan-themed ad about alpaca farms, she's been on sabbatical somewhere in Scotland getting in touch with her spiritual calling. In her absence, we tricked out her desk with everything we could steal from IT to keep up with all things social. Now nothing happens on the internet without us knowing. You had a nice weekend with your cousin at the lake? We knew. That pic of your pasta primavera you posted at lunch? We've been wondering why you held the tomatoes. Every now and then, Lola sends her feedback through carrier pigeon or whispers in the wind... so typical. MOOSEJAW INSIDE LOOK Super awesome Moosejaw sticker packs for your phone. Amazing. 20 MOOSEJAW.COM 1.877.666.7352 All orders over $49 ship for free. No ifs, ands or butts.

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