Winter 2017 Page 12 Moosejaw Outerwear and Clothing

12 MOOSEJAW.COM 1.877.666.7352 Colors Durable YKK zippers to help keep the chills out. Dual zippered hand pockets make storing your car keys safely no problem at all. These longer cozy cuffs have a hidden thumbhole when you want to keep warm or hold sleeves in place to layer. Zippered bicep pocket adds a super cute bit of contrast. Tight. Moosejaw Women's Shelby Stretch Fleece Comfort, style, an amazing fit, and your choice of solid or space dye fabric options. Enjoy the longer tail for improved coverage, zippered bicep pocket, and hidden thumbholes. Ideal for active pursuits, layering in cool to cold weather, or just making your friends jealous. Available sizes: XS-XXL $79 10263124 Moosejaw Women's Shelby Full Zip Stretch Fleece The flowing design lines not only flatter, they also improve comfort whether being active or having a spa day. Wherever you go, you'll want this fleece there with you. Unless maybe if you're scuba diving. MAYBE. Available sizes: XS-XXL $89 10299298 Cabernet Smoke Midnight Space Dye Black Space Dye 12 MOOSEJAW.COM 1.877.666.7352 Free shipping on all orders over $49. That's my favorite double-digit number.

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